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''open'' is a project based on spaces and natural light, using mostly digital and medium format (6x9 and 6x4.5). The quiet observation of the nature involves a strong sensibility to color.

“What speaks to us, seemingly, is always the big event, the untoward, the extra-ordinary: the front-page splash, the banner headlines....Behind the event there is a scandal, a fissure, a danger, as if life reveals itself only by way of the spectacular, as if what speaks, what is significant, is always abnormal. [But] how should we take account of, question, describe what happens everyday and recurs everyday: the banal, the quotidian, the obvious, the common, the ordinary, the infra-ordinary, the background noise, the habitual? (209-210)” .

― Georges Perec, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces (1974)

all images © Arianna Ferretti Cherkes Zade |