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Arianna Ferretti Cherkes Zade (b. Reggio Emilia, Italy, 1993) is a freelance photographer based in Emilia, Italy, with a strong scientific education background. Her work and research focus on issues related to family and society, with a particular interest in long-term projects. She is driven by light, composition of space and colors. Evolving through documentary projects using both little and medium format, her photographic practice enables a more intimate and contemplative approach. Interested in techincal darkroom processes for developing and printing films, granted with half scholarship by Spazio Labo'/PWNY (Bologna, Italy) for an intensive documentary photoworkshop led by Matt Eich in Red Hook, Brooklyn (NYC) on August 2018, she starts focusing on long-term documentary projects. Mixing different sources, such as 35mm, medium format and digital, her eclectic work conveys an effortless sensibility for space, light and people.

Nothing can be more abstract, more absurd than what we see every day. We know that everything we can see in the real world, like human beings, does not actually exist as we perceive it. Matter exists but it does not have its own intrinsic meaning, such as the superstructural meanings we attribute to it. We just know that a cup is a cup and a tree is a tree. Photography helps people to see but always lies.

Arianna is available for shootings, projects and collaborations.


Solo show

- 2018, Species of Spaces, Chourmo, in between Parma 360 Festival (May 5-June 6)

Group show

- 2019, Extra-ordinary visions, Fondazione Fotografia Modena, curated by Marina Paulenka

- 2019, A stranger in Bologna, Spazio Labo', in between Artefiera, video projection (February 4)

- 2018, The Documentary Project, Pioneer Books Wall, Open air collective, Red Hook (NYC)


- Parallel Masterclass (shortlisted) with Marina Paulenka, director Organ Vida International Photography Festival Zagreb. Extra-ordinary Visions organized by Fondazione Modena Arti Visive - Fondazione di Fotografia (May 2, 3, 4 2019).

- Granted with half scholarship by Spazio Labo'/PhotoworkshopNY (Bologna, Italy) for an intensive documentary photo-workshop called ''The Documentary Project'', led by photographer Matt Eich in Red Hook, Brooklyn (NYC) on August 2018. The site-specific collaborative workshop was focused on a specific neighborhood of Brooklyn, where we had to work on different individual stories with the aim of building a cohesive body about the faces/places of Red Hook, editing pictures and finally publicly showed at the end of the workshop.

- ''A stranger in Bologna'', intensive 2 days workshop led by photographer Richard Renaldi at Spazio Labo' (Bologna) on February 2019. The masterclass was focused on taking street portraits, using both natural and artificial light, choosing location, approaching strangers, empathizing, shooting, editing and then publicly showing the pictures at the end of the workshop.

- Granted with full scholarship by Kinoki Officina delle arti audiovisive (Parma, Italy) for a DaVinci Resolve Masterclass, focusing on color correction, visual effects and audio post-production.

- Zone system photographic technique with Cesare di Liborio (Reggio Emilia, Italy).

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