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i. корни/roots

My Kazakhs grandma waiting for her meal at the Georgian restaurant in Moscow, May 2017.

The selected pictures belong to a personal ongoing project about my russian roots. My trip to Moscow was the chance for me to reconnect with my soviet half. My grandma Nadežda has worked as a Marxist philosophy professor for 50 years. 


ii. open

Cimitero San Cataldo by Aldo Rossi, Modena, April 2017.

This series of pictures taken between Italy and Germany represents my intimate approach to the concept of space.


iii. street

Little black triangle on her nape, Lisbon, May 2017.


iv. summer in the city

Caleb and a friend, Red Hook, NYC, August 2018.

all images © Arianna Ferretti Cherkes Zade |